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Top 20-11 Games of the Decade 2000-2009

Top 20-11 Games of the Decade 2000-2009 pc ps3 xbox360


Gaming Computer Build, Xfx 5750.

The hd5750 and hd5770 is great graphic cards that equals to a good budget computer, due the very low wattage almost any psu will be able to handle them. If you got a 400watt psu with a lot of that power on the 12v line you will be fine. I myself built a very good […]

Take part in the Beta Test phase of FINAL FANTASY XIV

Take chance to sign up for the beta to the probably best mmorpg in years. We all know that Aion, Aoc, Warhammer and other mmorpg’s failed miserably. But i bet Square Enix got what it takes to make a mmorpg.  Final Fantasy XI was pure win the time it lasted. Follow the link and […]

The Saboteur – Exploding Cows

Welcome to a more bloody ww2 nazi paris! Nazi racing cars and cow? Tanks? Plant explosives on living hamburgers? Sometimes i dislike the unnecessary blood and gore in games, but this time i just don’t know what to say. Poor Australians, no aliens vs predators for you.

EA Confirms Dead Space 2

Time to crap your pants again.