Monthly Archives: November 2009

Crysis – Back to the Future!

Crysis was ahead of it’s time. Or was it? Advertisements

MW2 Console Enabled!

Thanks to AgentGod for unlocking the console, tried making a server myself. Unlimited ammo for everyone, damn high jumps, ac 130 in all air drops + fully automatic. Results are mayhem.   *Most console commands can be found here. like “\g_gravity 400”.   Also note that it’s not sure how vac will react.

Modern Warfare 2

It’s the end of the world as we know it!

Dragon Age: Origins – Gameplay

Do we got our game of the year? Probably not bet it will go to modern warfare 2 just since it’s way more brainless. But this game is truly great, got that old school baldurs gate 2 feeling. Looks great and play like a mix between current gen rpgs with a mixture of strategy. One […]

Matrox have failed us once again.

Matrox GXM 2.06 didn’t improve ape shit. So most of us 5040×1050 users are still stuck at old matrox and nvidia drivers 182.50 “very very old”. You can always use 3840×1024 and try to sit out the storm until you get your hands on eyefinity. If you still have hope, check time to fight […]

ID Software: Probably No Dedicated Servers for Rage

John Carmack is happy that Infinity Ward won’t use dedicated server, it’s always best to have a black sheep first. This is another truly sad day for pc gaming it’s amazing that console users also thinks it’s a good idea. Without progress on the PC the consoles improvements will also be halted. Swedish Dice laughs […]

New 5870 2gb here, 6x mini display port for Eyefinity.

Looks like it will be both cooler, better and have some enthusiast capability’s. Where, when and what price it not really known yet. Remember that display port don’t got cheap adapters yet if you want to use this on you dvi/vga/hdmi monitor.

Bad Company 2 Beta Testing in 2 Weeks

Ps3 user that “preorder/probably other ways to” will have access to the Bad Company 2 beta, first on ps3 but will probably making it to pc and or 360. A lot of people “especially the pc community” are looking forward for this game after the IWnet shit storm.

MW2 9 vs 9 on the pc version.

This is truly a sad day in pc gaming, 9 vs 9 didn’t surprise me since there is no dedicated servers anyway. It’s sad to see a great game go down the trash.  Dont worry it got Mouse and keyboard support and will probably support your monitor.  

Left 4 Dead 2 Demo Gameplay “and Heavy”

Great game, A lot like the first Left 4 Dead but with more options, paths, gores and much more. Right now only available for 360 gold users and preorder pc users. The first thing i also noticed is slightly better graphics perhaps they haven’t updated the engine but the mappers need some credit for the […]