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720p vs 1080p?

Some people have been complaining that using youtube doesn’t show the difference between 720p and 1080p particular good. Advertisements

Retro Radio mod finished!

Watch the post under this one for building pictures. The retro radio mod is done! Feel free to comment. The computer is built inside a luxor  1270W radio from 1938 at the brink of world war 2. One of my all time favorite game series had such a amazing atmosphere so i tried to recreate […]

Latest Build.

Asrock N68-S 500GB Western Digital Caviar Blue SATA II Corsair 4GB (2x2048MB) XMS2 AMD Athlon2 X2 245 2,9Ghz PowerColor Radeon HD4830 512MB Antec Three Hundred 400W FSP 400-60APN Bulk Samsung 22X DL SH-S223C

Bad Company 2 – Triple monitor “Single Gameplay”

This is possible on my gtx 295 thanks to triplehead2go, eyefinity if of course superior over triphead2go in pretty much everything. I still like that dice have full support for triple monitor. The singleplayer is truly amazing and even the cutscenes that always ruin the singleplayer experience for multimonitor users works, even though i blacken […]

Gaming Computer Build, Xfx 5750.

The hd5750 and hd5770 is great graphic cards that equals to a good budget computer, due the very low wattage almost any psu will be able to handle them. If you got a 400watt psu with a lot of that power on the 12v line you will be fine. I myself built a very good […]

Matrox have failed us once again.

Matrox GXM 2.06 didn’t improve ape shit. So most of us 5040×1050 users are still stuck at old matrox and nvidia drivers 182.50 “very very old”. You can always use 3840×1024 and try to sit out the storm until you get your hands on eyefinity. If you still have hope, check time to fight […]

New 5870 2gb here, 6x mini display port for Eyefinity.

Looks like it will be both cooler, better and have some enthusiast capability’s. Where, when and what price it not really known yet. Remember that display port don’t got cheap adapters yet if you want to use this on you dvi/vga/hdmi monitor.