Minecraft – Piston Transport

Piston mod was a lot more fun then i first thought! Decided to make a short video. Took very long to make the map though, massive tunnels with redstone circuits underneath.



FortressCraft vs Minecraft?

A lot of people have demanded this compare and since FortressCraft was only 240ms points on xbox live  i gave it a shot.

I’ve seen some trailers and videos so I had some expectations. First thing i notice is that the graphics are pretty nice, proper shaders, parallax mapping and good shadows. The view distance is lower then Minecraft, but it got a more smooth transition. Since it’s the first chapter it’s pretty in a creative state right now, but it’s  probably going to get a pretty strong foothold when the other chapters get  released, the xbox community is pretty damn big after all. Sure I can complain about water being somewhat of a hazel to put out and some other minor issues, but it’s still worth the price. If you can convince friends to give it a try you will have a blast.

However a lot of people calls this a “Minecraft Ripoff” but this is most certainly not the case. It feels almost like some religious movement trying to convince you that Notch is your god. But seeing how much Notch has benefited from borrowing ideas from Infiniminer, i don’t think it’s really unreasonable for other people to borrow ideas from him. I’ve also heard that FortressCraft was inspired by Dwarf Fortress.

But if you call FortressCraft a ripoff, then Minecraft is a ripoff to.

Do i think Minecraft is a better game? Yes, at least for the moment. FortressCraft will probably catch up as the console gamers gives it a try and other chapters is released.

Minecraft Eyefinity

Crysis 2, Killzone 3 & Crysis 1 Showdown.

There has been a big dicussion between ps3 and 360 fanboys over if killzone 3 looks better or worse, crytek haters also said crysis 1 looked the best. So i mad this one just for fun.

Crysis 2 – Ps3, 360 & PC Comparison Full Release

Just need to say that this is probably the best looking console multiplat i ever played. Right on par with some exclusives.

However i’m aslo sligtly dissapoint in the lack of dx11 at launch, it’s a major let down for high end pc gamers, however it’s really good optimized.

Sunshaft more clear on pc, ps3 had similar effects in the demo gone now?

Same test side by side.

The diffrence between console and pc was actually very slim, however the water seem to differ a lot.

The evil zoomed in resolution test, 1920×1080 is clearly more clear.

Homefront – Ps3, 360 & PC comparison

Crysis 2 demo multi platform compare.

Looks like ps3 use the same lightning & Rays as pc in the demo, 360 got a bloomish effect.

Skyrim Gameplay Trailer


I’m hyped as hell, like when i watched the Deus Ex 3 trailer.

Dragon Age 2 – Ps3, Xbox 360 & PC Comparison


720p vs 1080p?

Some people have been complaining that using youtube doesn’t show the difference between 720p and 1080p particular good.