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Minecraft – Piston Transport

Piston mod was a lot more fun then i first thought! Decided to make a short video. Took very long to make the map though, massive tunnels with redstone circuits underneath. Mod Advertisements

FortressCraft vs Minecraft?

A lot of people have demanded this compare and since FortressCraft was only 240ms points on xbox live  i gave it a shot. I’ve seen some trailers and videos so I had some expectations. First thing i notice is that the graphics are pretty nice, proper shaders, parallax mapping and good shadows. The view distance […]

Minecraft Eyefinity

Crysis 2, Killzone 3 & Crysis 1 Showdown.

There has been a big dicussion between ps3 and 360 fanboys over if killzone 3 looks better or worse, crytek haters also said crysis 1 looked the best. So i mad this one just for fun.

Crysis 2 – Ps3, 360 & PC Comparison Full Release

Just need to say that this is probably the best looking console multiplat i ever played. Right on par with some exclusives. However i’m aslo sligtly dissapoint in the lack of dx11 at launch, it’s a major let down for high end pc gamers, however it’s really good optimized. Sunshaft more clear on pc, ps3 […]

Homefront – Ps3, 360 & PC comparison

Crysis 2 demo multi platform compare.

Looks like ps3 use the same lightning & Rays as pc in the demo, 360 got a bloomish effect.

Skyrim Gameplay Trailer

  I’m hyped as hell, like when i watched the Deus Ex 3 trailer.

Dragon Age 2 – Ps3, Xbox 360 & PC Comparison


720p vs 1080p?

Some people have been complaining that using youtube doesn’t show the difference between 720p and 1080p particular good.