Monthly Archives: September 2009

Left 4 Teletubbies.

Left 4 Dead with teletubbies mod, great job from Flameknight7 you can find the mod here. Advertisements

Need For Speed: Shift, Released for PC.

Need For Speed: Shift is the newest game in the need for speed franchise, but they have left the standard arcade feeling and tried the simulator approach. But it still got the arcade feel yet still it keeps some serious in-depth settings enthusiast and more hard-core want to look into. Even if it’s not so […]

Resident Evil 5 and Red Faction Guerrilla, released for PC!

Some people got it early and some downloaded it, both games runs smooth and good on any mid-high range pc. Good settings and decent controls both games still got a console feeling though. Resident evil 5 features some new content like game types and skins.

Ati 5870 PCB

HD 5870 Streamproc.  1 600 TMU     20 GPU     850 MHz GDDR5      4 800 MHz Membandwith      256-bit TDP     190 W

Ati Eyefinity

Ati have been working on a new multi display solution and kept it very secret. The main features is very high resolution and less additional hardware like the triplehead2go. So with other words this might even murder one of matrox few strong points while slapping nvidia in the face. 6x 2560×1600 this is better than […]