Monthly Archives: October 2009

S.t.a.l.k.e.r. Call of Pripyat “Back to SoC”

The best stalker in the series, the engine is stable and very very optimized compared to before. But you might need to mod if you want all eyecandy or wait to the 2010 release for directx 11. This game got so much more freedom, respawning artifacts, better inventory. I can’t love this game much more. […]

GORDON NEEDS YOU! Vote for Gordon!

GameSpot’s All Time Greatest Game Hero Vote for gordon! There is only one freeman, vote for Gordon.


A new Rpg out for xbox 360 and Pc. Good graphics, decent voice acting and a very solid game. It’s like a mixture between old Ultima IX and Gothic, without the bugs. Too bad the aussies won’t see this game due to drugs and sexual content not sure about Germany. This game is a lot […]


Another mmo from NCsoft, the over all quality and graphics of the engine is great. Even though this is a heavy modified cryengine the graphics looks very bland, like a plastic paper. The gameplay itself quickly turns into a grind fest and is a lot like aoc with lacking items and but slightly better crafting. […]