Retro Radio Computer Fallout Mod

Probably the first major mod i ever done, in short i decided to buy a luxor 1270W from 1938. Old but still very much usefull.

I bought it of a action site for roughly 300sek or around 30euro, not bad at all some water marks on the top and some cracks and small scratches.

The Luxor 1270W from 1938 amazing  vintage design.

I had to strip it down. Took some measurements and did some cleaning, it indeed look dirty but its in the wood.

Since i wanted this to have a more fallout feel, i made a window in acrylic.

At first i didn’t know how the case should get more air, i finally decided to put two 92m fanholes in the top.

Drilled holes for the fan and grill.

End result, dark green diode fan 92mm mounted on the inside.

Basic cable management.

Used a dremel to make one of the holes infront slightly bigger to fit a 19mm vandal startbutton with a red ring.

Starting to look like something! Still three holes left.

Micro Atx motherboard for a lian li htpc, it was still to big so it had to be cut of to about 22cm.

Sharp edge no good, some edge trim is needed.

Some working on the back.

Modded fancontrollers.

Old knobs goes back on, and will now controll fanspeed instead of am and fm radio channels.

Some basic cable management.

Acrylic holder for hard drive.

It is going to be hidden under the motherboard tray.

Painted back panel.

Starting to look good!


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  1. Giftmacher
    Posted February 11, 2011 at 9:23 am | Permalink

    That was a good looking radio, you have destroyed it, great pity. Why you didn’t take an empty case?

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