Gaming Computer Build, Xfx 5750.

The hd5750 and hd5770 is great graphic cards that equals to a good budget computer, due the very low wattage almost any psu will be able to handle them. If you got a 400watt psu with a lot of that power on the 12v line you will be fine. I myself built a very good and solid gaming rig with my antec 1200 and a 450watt psu i won at going to put it for sale for a very good deal. It more fun to sell a good computer for a cheap price and still get some money back.

Specs is following.

Dual Core E5300 @ 2,66 but i can

overclock it safe and effective to 3250mhz.

2x2gb 667mhz ddr2 corsair value ram.

Xfx hd5750 512mb

Gigabyte g31 chipset socket 775.

500gb samsung sata 2 hd.

Antec 1200 fulltower.


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